Our Rules Of The Game

1. Be willing to support our purpose, values, rules, and goals.

2. Speak with good purpose

3. Acknowledge whatever is being communicated as true for the speaker at that moment. If you disagree or do not understand, ask clarifying questions

4. Complete your agreements.
a. Make only agreements that you are willing and intend to keep
b. Communicate any potential broken agreement at the first appropriate time
c. Clear up any broken agreement at the first appropriate opportunity.

5. When something is not working, look to the system for corrections and propose a system-based solution to the person who can do something about it.

6. Each individual is responsible for continuously improving the organization’s system.

7. Be effective and efficient (optimize ever event… more with less)

8. Have the willingness to win and to allow others to win (win/win).

9. Focus on what works

10. When in doubt, check your intuition.

11. Be responsible- no lay blame or justification

12. Agree to agree

13. Hold the person “innocent” until proven “guilty”.

14. If an upset lasts longer than 50 minutes, the upset party(s) to seek support from a neutral third party.