E-Net Hire Team Selection Tool and Hourly Workplace Attitudes Survey

Hiring The Right People Takes The Right Tools

This is a comprehensive Workplace Attitudinal Assessment System for the hourly, entry level, office and general laborer groups. This is not intended as assessment tool for executive or professional level hiring.

Hiring due diligence requires companies to develop as much information about potential employees as quickly as possible in order to make rapid but prudent hiring decisions. This tool helps by expanding the amount of “intelligence” that can be known about the individual in a very short amount of time.

This System enables any hiring authority, from any location, to administer an overt integrity assessment that has been custom-tailored for that particular position, and to receive the results instantly. Through the use of these assessments in position profiling, the likelihood of matching candidates to the position and creating an effective development strategy is enhanced.

These workplace-related assessments help organizations in the initial preemployment aspect of the selection, development and retention of good employees. The system uses interactive, real-time communications which are powered by oneto- one database driven technologies and development strategies.

– Immediate testing, evaluation and reporting
– Customizable
– Fully Modular Format
– Internet Ready / PC and Windows compatible
– Automated assessment system

Customizable Workplace Attitudinal Assessment System

Sixteen Dimension Assessments in a Fully Modular Format:

Positive Indicators:
Influencing Others
Steadiness / Dependability
Attention to Detail (Gestalt)
Work Pace (Kinesthetic)
Attitude Towards Customer Service
Working with Supervisor Attitude

Negative Indicators:
Theft / Honesty
Drug / Substance Abuse
Violence / Emotion
(validated for less than 2 years college)
Tenure (validated for less than 2 yrs. college)
Values / Dependability
Supervisor & Customer Views
(resentment of authority)

Identify how aggressive he / she is in work related relationships. A person who is assertive is disposed to, or characterized by, bold or confident actions.
Attitudes towards influencing behavior and interest as well as a need for recognition.
Steadiness / Dependability
Measures attitude toward quality work, loyalty, discipline and results orientation at work.
Attention to Detail (Gestalt)
Reflects an individual’s close attention to detail, often at the expense of getting a job done quickly. Where precision is required, Gestalt is a highly desirable characteristic.
Work Pace (Kinesthetic)
Reflects an individual’s inclination towards quickness, sometimes with less regard for attention to details. Highly desirable where work is repetitive and speed counts.
Customer Service
Focuses on the applicant’s attitude toward helping and taking care of the customer.
Positions requiring long hours and sustained levels of intensity benefit from high energy workers. Matching level of energy to the amount required for a position.
Supervisor Attitude
Focuses on the applicant’s attitude toward helping and working with the supervisor.

Theft / Honesty
Attitude towards workplace theft is a strong indicator for future conduct on the job and the likelihood that he or she will engage in theft once hired.
Drug Avoidance
Attitude toward the use of illegal drugs in the workplace or drinking on the job.
Violence / Emotion
Attitudes in prospective employees who have acted with violence in the workplace or believe such actions are acceptable.
Attitudes toward racial, ethnic and gender diversity in the workplace.
Risk / Safety (Validated for workers with less than 2 years college education)
Measures and quantifies attitudes toward risk, safety and their attitude toward authority in the workplace and quantifies likelihood that what they find acceptable in themselves and others can create safety problems and injuries in themselves and others.
Tenure (Validated for workers with less than 2 years college education)
Measures the applicant’s attitude toward staying or quitting a job soon after being hired.
Values / Dependability
Measures the applicant’s attitude toward showing up for work on time and consistently.
Customer / Supervisor
Quantifies attitude toward supervision, with an emphasis on identifying antagonistic or negative reactions to supervision in a workplace environment.

E-NET HIRE Workplace Attitudinal Assessment



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