Select Associate Screening System

The SELECT Associate screening system is a family of related pre-employment tests designed to measure important, work-related, personality characteristics in applicants for entry-level jobs. These are validated and personality-based tests tailored to the work personality requirements of over 20 jobs. Each test is predictive of job success and takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Each of the SELECT tests have been designed to be used early in the employment selection process, after initial screening, but before the employment interview. Test results include interview probe suggestions and indications of unusual responses that should be probed during the interview. These tests are simple to administer and score and is short in duration.


– Immediate testing, evaluation and reporting

– Easy to customize and validate for your organization

– Validated by organization psychologists

– Internet Ready / PC and Windows compatible SELECT subscribes to American Psychological Association (APA) and EEOC guidelines.


Key Dimensions of Job Personality and Job Abilities Competencies Each individual test measures important underlying personality attributes in somewhat different ways, but each produces overall predictor indices of Performance and Integrity appropriate to the job or industry type.

Performance Index

A measure of traits associated with successful performance in the job

o Energy Activity level and stamina

o Productive Attitude A positive expectation about people, the company and work-related outcomes

o Frustration Tolerance Emotional resilience

o Acceptance of Diversity Tolerance of others different from self Integrity Index A measure of attitudes about personal integrity and work ethic

Available Report Options:

• Job Task

• Measures willingness to do a variety of related job duties.

• Counter Productive Behaviors

• Modules include an Assessment of Counter Productive Behaviors.

• Counter Productive Behaviors includes questions related to drug use and theft which are prohibited in some states. Modules are available with or without items relating to use of illegal drugs. Structured Interview Report format contains structured interview questions.

Abilities (additional)

These survey / test modules measure basic skills. Choose from:

Reading – Level 1

A basic measure of the ability to read simple passages and use the information provided to correctly answer simple questions. Reading – Level 2 A measure of the ability to read moderately complex passages and use the information provided to answer questions that require some inference and integration.

Arithmetic – Level 1

A basic measure of the arithmetic skills of addition and subtraction using whole numbers and decimals.

Arithmetic – Level 2

A basic measure of the arithmetic skills of multiplication and division using whole numbers and decimals.

Graph and Charts

A basic measure of the ability to read graphs and charts to answer questions and solve problems. Coding A basic measure of the ability to read coding instructions and use them to accurately code items.


A basic measure of the ability to read strings of numbers and letters to check for accuracy. A Bad Hire is Very Costly If you include lost production, supervisor time, hiring and training costs, poor service to customers, and potential equipment failures, the cost of a bad hire is estimated to be: Person’s Hourly Rate x 400 * = Your Estimated Turnover Cost * 10 weeks at 40 hours per week

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