Sales Training for Team and Management

When considering Sales Training for Team and Management

  • Do you know how much time are your managers/sales people spending in the field face to Face with customers?
  • Has your sales plan taken into account how many customers / orders and at what value / profit level do you or your team need to achieve target?
  • When did you last determine your product, profit and customer targets?
  • What are some of the activities you are currently consulting, mentoring or training your team in?
  • What have you done to focus your teams business building activities and what criteria do you use to make sure they are meeting YOUR goals?
  • How do you consistently evaluate the probability factors of success, the quality of your applicants and existing team?
  • How much of this year’s business will come from your current accounts, new accounts and referrals?
  • What is the average time from identifying a new opportunity to invoicing it, and have you truly identified your full sales pipeline?
  • How many of your existing clients drop off every day and why are they leaving?

Are you absolutely confident that you / your sales people will consistently meet and exceed the sales targets the business needs to flourish?

Sales people should typically know where they have been this week and (hopefully) where they are going next week as a part of developing their sales pipeline and maximizing every opportunity. Unfortunately we find that most sales people haven’t been given the opportunity to really evaluate and assess where they are strong, identify clearly their weaknesses nor do they have a clear and sustainable development program to keep driving results upwards.

If this is the case how can they really influence your customers, prospects and identify better quality suspects that are your ideal client?

Just how well are you driving and monitoring sales activity and then connecting that to individual as well as team results?

By implementing consistent evaluation, training and development programs you can create a more productive sales environment where everything is more visible, tangible, and results driven. You can create a sales driven culture that helps you better understand exactly what type of activity is driving your sales results and what isn’t.

Weak and poorly trained sales people continuously do the things they have always been comfortable doing (same accounts, same contacts, same conversations, same sales styles etc). and we find are often ‘busy being busy’ rather than
being business being profitable and productive members of the organization.

Successful salespeople and sales managers will naturally move away from situations that limit their thinking and move towards situations where they are able to think ahead and plan what activities need to be done and sales conversations that need to be had to hit target and beyond.

For those wanting and/or prepared to take a higher degree of control of your sales results, the SalesMAX evaluation, testing and development tools coupled with regular and consistent training and review will enable sales people and sales managers to know with a high degree of certainty whether you are likely to hit target or not.

If you are currently off target or looking to take sales to a whole new dimension, we can help you to determine exactly what it is that you need to do more of differently or better to get back ON target.

We provide the highest quality Sales Training for Team and Management and are constantly improving our delivery of these services as the market continues to evolve.



John Millar

Managing Director

More Profit Less Time Pty Ltd

Profit facilitator, Author, Business and Executive Consultant, Trainer, Professional Speaker

Certified Business Consultant, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Guerrilla Marketing Practitioner

Diploma of Management, Diploma of Human Resources Management