What if you were to fully unleash your spirit?

You know the deepest part of you that suffers whenever you compromise your values, the part of you that silently dies every time you don’t speak your Truth? It’s the inner warrior that’s wounded every time you back down in the face of Fear.

The truth is, most of us are terrified to let this part of us loose because it is so strong and so unwilling to be tamed.

It’s like the wild stallion that no one can break–It’s the stallion we lock inside the fence, because to climb on it’s back and let it out of the gate would simply terrify us.

We fence in this part of ourselves by finding ways to disconnect with our feelings.

If we can numb the suffering and avoid fully feeling the call of this wild, inner beast of love, we can control it.
We fear what we don’t know, and for the most part, we don’t really know what it’s like to fully turn ourselves over to the calling of our hearts.

We fear what we would do, and the decisions we would make, if we became intimately present to the deepest part of ourselves.

Some of us know we’d leave our job in a second. Others know we’d make the commitments we’ve feared making our entire lives.

Others know we’d leave our partner. And others are sure we’d leave our religion.

And then what?? We don’t even know how to confront such a life in the unknown, do we? Our image/ego says “Yes I do,” because then it can avoid really looking into that question and dealing with its own certain death.

Everything, but everything, we’ve been trained to do is listen to the voices of authority, not to the voice within.

Sure, we hear people talk about being true to yourself.

But for every time we’ve been told we should be true to ourselves, we’ve been conditioned a dozen times to compromise and conform our thoughts, actions and identities in the face of social pressure.

In fact, so many movies are about normal people simply finding enough courage to speak their truth and follow their heart–and we call them “heroes.”

(which in today’s world certainly IS heroic.)

To really set the deepest part of us free threatens all the conclusions we’ve formed to date.

Few are willing to embark on such an adventure, for doing so means risking all the respect, acceptance and “success” we’ve earned to date by compromising their spirit and their voice in ways that matter most.

What would you really say if your spirit were free to say ANYTHING to ANYONE? What would you do if your image were not a concern?!


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