Are You Truly Excited by What You Sell? A few tips on sales

We all know that Sales is really all about “closing the sale”.

There is not a salesperson alive who does not use a variety of techniques to help them be successful with customers.

However, I believe passion is the most underrated and underutilised sales tool in our arsenal because it is too hard to measure and no one has found an effective way to teach it.Passion is an effective sales tool because it isn’t artificial and can’t be faked for a long period of time. It is displayed in people who genuinely care and are willing to take the time to serve their clients in whatever manner is necessary.

Passion in sales is evident when the coach takes the time to listen to their prospect and attempts to really understand what it is they are looking for. It is displayed not only in the questions that are asked, but also in the tone of voice and body language that is used and the follow-up that is demonstrated after the sales call.

Business Owners who have passion are able to create long-term profitable relationships with their customers.

They also routinely benefit from referrals by their existing clients and, on many occasions, these prospects come to them ready to buy.

Before you rush out to practice your body language and tone of voice in an attempt to find passion, let me add the secret ingredient: heart.

Passion comes from a genuine belief of wanting to help the client in both good times and bad.
Passion can actually be measured in a couple of ways.

Begin by asking yourself this simple question: “When the day is over and my clients are reflecting back on the people they’ve interacted with and the activities they’ve done, do they think of me in a positive light that contributed to them having a good day?”

It is important to consider whether your clients truly believe you are helping improve their day and their business.

Another assessment tool is found in analysing the number of referrals you get. Referrals are an accurate measurement of how your clients view you. If they honestly believe in you, they recommend you to others.

Passion in sales is underrated. Therefore, your ability to genuinely care about your clients, to show an interest in them, and to serve them will determine your long-term business success.

Take care, take action and be relentless…

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