After getting a client results, it’s time to get referrals.

If you did positioning right, your client will know that they are to give you referrals at this point.

Some strategies:

  1. Call your clients’ suppliers directly – ask them what you can do to help their business.
  2. Survey some of your clients’ customers, seeking feedback on your client’s service.
  3. State that you have a vacancy, and propose that your client help you fill it.

Get your client to acknowledge the agreement to provide referrals. Make it personal: be specific regarding what you’ve done with your clients; review results and referrals that you’ve given them. Inform which specific industries you’re seeking to do business with.

Design specific problems you’re looking to fix, as well as opportunities you can fulfill. The more specific, the easier it will be for your client to accommodate you.

Give your client tools of referrals: your cards, vouchers for free books, DVD, etc. Allow your client to award others with your services, based on special offers you create.

Invite your clients to bring their clients and vendors to dinner with you. You can conduct and coordinate this event.

Give feedback to the referee. Thank them for the referral. Send them a gift for the referral. This improves the chances of them doing it again.

Remember: If you don’t ask, you won’t get…


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