Planning Day With Think Accountants

“Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill, was one of the most influential books I read over 10 years ago.. and today

In a Nutshell

Wealth comes from increasing your power to THINK and developing your ability to access the universe’s Intel.

What I have seen in every business that I have been party to, and that is well over 10.000, is that many business owners get caught up with the “DO” in the business and never stop to give themselves space to STOP and THINK. Instead they choose to work more hours, do more work rather than delegate, exhaust the same old way of doing things,and expect things to change.

You guessed it, nothing changes apart from getting older, increased stressed and less money in the bank balance. They kid themselves that they are happy with a 2% increase in sales for the year, when they know that the competition is taking their market share and that 20% growth PA is highly achievable.

Bottom line is that business owners settle for less than what they have to and justify it due to some economic pressure out of their control, their team members not being productive, or another outside influence rather than looking at themselves and what they can achieve. They find themselves treading water with no clear direction on where to go, not allowing them the luxury of thinking out a well thought out GOAL and PLAN to achieve it.

STOP getting caught up “DOING” your business and being satisfied with incremental results. There is another way that provides exponential results.

IF you are reading this, congratulations, you have at least given yourself some time to contemplate that there is another way to get exponential results.

Now it’s your choice if you want to go for a new business goal for 2019 and set up the framework for you to achieve it, or have 2019 a groundhog day of 2018. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from knowing and applying this process.

Date: Thursday, 28 February, 2019
Where: Knox Club, 48 Boronia Road, Wantirna, Vic
Time: 8am to 11am
Bring: Diary, Business Cards and Ideas