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The great belief in the ‘loyal customer’ who will stay with you for years and refer you to others and help out when times get tough and stand by you through thick and thin – IS A MYTHexpectations!

No client can afford to be so doggedly faithful. They have their costs and issues too. These days it’s all about how you can be loyal to them! Once you realize that and stop blaming your customers for your own ups and downs, you’ll go a long way towards accessing the right thought patterns that will see you through – in all economic climes.

Communicating with them, interacting with their problems, notifying them of changes and events in your business, recognizing their own events, letting them know you’re thinking of them – are all significant and important ways in which you instill their regard for you and make them think more than twice before they do business with a competitor.

Your insistence on excellence and consistency will reap its own rewards.

In this workshop, we examine and evaluate the factors that contribute to the creation of binding customer relations. We look at several ways in which to KEEP the customers you have whilst attracting new ones to the fold. Some of these ways are obvious and some are hardly ever used – that’s why they give you the edge.

Care for your customers. Look after them. Bring them into the family – and they will feel the commitment you have to them. Let’s face it – their lives are bombarded daily with thousands of ads, commercials, marketers and calls to action. Yours must be the one they look for – or else.



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