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This is the core of it all isn’t it? What’s the point of working yourself into a frenzy week-in-week-out when the financials are spiraling out of control?

In this very important that we look at the ways in which business can gain control and undertake good financial management.
Financials RightIf you want your business to grow profitably and reliably then this is a must attend session! Getting your finances in order is a mature and reasonable response to owning and operating a business. You never know, a small re-direction of energies and goals may make all the difference. For many of our clients, the repetition of non-productive tasks meant they were sabotaging their own success. A few well learned and informative tips have helped them turn their businesses around.
Good financial management is essential for the expansion of your business. Getting your finances in order means your business can work more efficiently and puts you in a better position when seeking funding for growth.

Improving your financial situation

Getting your business back on financial track may involve a number of steps – but how do you know which are the right steps for your business?

  • Do you need to seek professional advice?
  • Do you need to introduce new financial systems?
  • Does your staff need re-training in more efficient methods?

Whatever the case, we will assist you in deciding upon the best remediation methods that are applicable to your situation.

You can make cash flow and budgeting work for you

Obtaining additional finance

Obtaining finance is often the next crucial step in business growth. An up-to-date business plan outlining new goals and objectives will ensure you are well prepared when seeking finance. There are various sources of finance options available including savings, investors and government grants. To take full advantage of your options you need to be financially organised and prepared.
In this easy-to-follow and powerful workshop:

  • You will learn the importance of understanding your financials by intelligent use of budgets, plans, forecasts and outcomes. You are the one responsible for the progress of your business. Why not be responsible for its growth, development and profitability?
  • Become the best friend of your accountant and book-keepers by being more financially literate. Knowing what questions to ask to improve your situation is just as important as knowing how to run your business. Being in control financially is not just about tax compliance. It’s about knowing what action to take under what circumstances. And learning about your options and alternatives via this session is a very intelligent choice.

The doors will open at 8:45 AM. Session will start at 9:00 AM sharp and finishes at 11:30 AM.

All materials are provided.

NO RISK Guarantee: If you participate and don’t feel you got enough value from the workshop, we will refund your money in full and you can keep all the material. 

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