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Date(s) - 27/10/2017
9:00 am - 11:30 am


Time management is an essential skill for successful progress in all walks of life.

We choose how we utilise our time. We can either allow time to control our activities or we can make turning-back-timelow-restime work for us by establishing priorities and schedules. Effective time management is about getting more done with your available time.

Effective time management involves learning a number of vital skills.

1. Goal setting – knowing what you are trying to achieve. This helps you to stay motivated and manage your time more effectively. To set goals, you need to decide on your long term, medium term and short term goals. The time frames will vary for each individual but future success and development will be seriously jeopardised without setting your goals.

2. Prioritising and getting the most done in the most efficient and effective way. Time is limited and valuable, so it must be allocated wisely. Discover where you lose precious time and how you can recover it to work better for you.

3. Planning your time. This means planning ahead and taking control of your time. Planning regularly allows you to achieve your goals, monitor your progress and prevent time wastage. It also means you can eliminate a lot of wasted interruptions by having timed sessions allocated to specific tasks.

4. Making the best use of your time. Time is a valuable resource that should be put to good use.

  • This is where you get to redefine your time management and reclaim ownership of your schedule.
  • You will better understand how you can work more on your business than in it and see a clearer picture of your business and its progress
  • You will also finally find out why others can seem to fit more into their day while having a great LIFE – WORK balance (notice the order!)..

The doors will open at 8:45 AM. Session will start at 9:00 AM sharp and finishes at 11:30 AM.

All materials are provided.

NO RISK Guarantee: If you participate and don’t feel you got enough value from the workshop, we will refund your money in full and you can keep all the material. 

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