Good Leaders Are Good Actors…

Given the need to communicate what is best, even though there may be consequences, good leaders must be good actors, specifically proficient in what’s called “situational leadership.” Plain and simple, situational leadership means having the skills and understanding to assess a scenario you’re facing and manage it with the right leadership style. Considering that there…

Franchising is No Game

Franchising is No Game – Why Game and other franchisers and franchisees go bust! Over the years I have been fortunate to do work with some of the biggest and most successful franchises in Australia. After the recent collapse of the giant games retail franchise GAME it has caused me to pause and think about why…

REFERRALS strategies

Three great referrals strategies

After getting a client results, it’s time to get referrals. If you did positioning right, your client will know that they are to give you referrals at this point. Some strategies: Call your clients’ suppliers directly – ask them what you can do to help their business. Survey some of your clients’ customers, seeking feedback on your…

unleash your spirit

What if you were to fully unleash your spirit?

because then it can avoid really looking into that question and dealing with its own certain death.

Everything, but everything, we’ve been trained to do is listen to the voices of authority, not to the voice within.

Sure, we hear people talk about being true to yourself.

But for every time we’ve been told we should be true to ourselves, we’ve been conditioned a dozen times to compromise and conform our thoughts, actions and identities in the face of social pressure.

In fact, so many movies are about normal people simply finding enough courage to speak their truth and follow their heart–and we call them heroes.”

(which in today’s world certainly IS heroic.)

To really set the deepest part of us free threatens all the conclusions we’ve formed to date.

Few are willing to embark on such an adventure