Business Success? Here’s what it takes…

If you’re a business owner, it’s natural to crave success.

But how do you actually achieve it?

There’s no magic wand.

Genuine business growth that lasts comes from tenacity, character, charisma, commitment, integrity, practice, diligence, trusting yourself, following the system.

All these things make a difference.

So, what’s the #1 primary trait of successful business owners?

When you distill it down into one key factor, it’s ONE THING:  confidence. Confidence in your abilities, your system, your character, and yourself. To illustrate this point, think about it: would you hire you if you weren’t confident in your abilities? Probably not. Would you trust a unconfident mechanic to perform maintenance on your car? A unconfident doctor to perform surgery on you? A unconfident lawyer to represent your case?

Confidence is the key to doing what it takes; to knowing how good you really are (and, really, you are!).

The one thing that all successful business owners have in common: unwavering, unfaltering, powerful CONFIDENCE in their abilities to be fully present, connect with the team and their clients, ask powerful questions, and deliver quality content.

Do you have the confidence it takes to succeed as a successful business owner? The answer is yours, and yours alone…It comes down to choice. You can choose to BE confident, DO what it takes to show confidence, and HAVE and own your confidence.

So take control, make the choice, and BE a confident business owner.“Easier said than done,” you say?   Not really. Even if you haven’t completely “mastered” your business, you’ve got a whole team of people available to support you.

How else do you acquire confidence?“Through experience,” you say?BE CONFIDENT ANYWAY! The business is there to support you, not stifle or hinder you. Realize that the learning curve is initially steep; JUST DO IT.

Rely on MASSIVE ACTION to overbear your F.E.A.R., and take the initiative.So, what else could be stopping you from being confident?   The answer: NOTHING!

So don’t go seeking things/reasons /excuses to not shine as brilliantly as you can. YOU: the successful business owner, with the right background, desire, and commitment to make this business work. YOU.

YOU: The only person who is responsible and WILL make it work…  (internalize that one).So what’s your agenda? Are you the cause of your success, or are you letting a less-than-optimal environment of stinkin’ thinkin’ affect you? Remember: you choose your environment, so make it a good one, and BE THE CAUSE! What’s your intention?  It’s your choice.  DECIDE NOW and make it happen. For you, and for the people who are seeking your leadership and inspiration.“The future depends on what we do in the present.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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