Lets address the age old question of how to Attract and Keep Customers For Life

People buy for various reasons and a variety of ways. Most people will tell you that people buy on emotion and that is true but people get caught up on many of the very visual or external emotions and ignore a simple emotion that is the underlying one that you can anchor to. “Is it right for them” .

In our programs we detail how to Attract and Keep Customers For Life and to do that you need to be “right for them” more than just at the point of sale.

Unless you are dealing with food, perfume etc where people need taste and smell it boils down to people are 3 types. Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic  (VAK). You will hear people say, that looks good, that sounds good or that feels good to me. So that is their main way they evaluate and when touching their emotions you need to respect and focus on which one they are but in the end it is just a way of evaluating is it right for me.

While people buy on emotion they justify on logic. While it may look, sound and feel good at the time, the real long term value to you is that you, your product or service “is right for me “ for a long time and to do that you need to be relevant. If you anchor the emotions to the relevance they will be able to join the dots quickly making it easy for the initial sale and continuing the relationship with you.

One of the most difficult challenges for businesses, from start-up mode to mature entity, is creating that “relevancy” with customers. Being relevant does not stop with having a great product—that’s often just the first part of the equation. Real relevance happens when you find ways to add value to your customers’ lives—before, during, and after a sale.

Relevance makes customers choose your company over a competitor, it generates customer satisfaction during their interaction with your company, and it keeps them bringing their business back to you time and again.

If you make your business relevant in these two easy steps that come from the 1st and 4th P’s in the 5 P steps and this is how you will Attract and Keep Customers For Life

  1. Offer extra insight.  (Positioning)

When customers are deciding who will win their business, they are often faced with multiple offers, which, at first glance, can appear similar to each other.  Set your business apart by not only showing customers the value of your product, but also the expertise that comes with it.  If you own a real estate company, for example, don’t just send postcards with a picture of your latest listing—include a tip on a nearby neighbourhood restaurant and maybe even a recipe from that eatery. This will give your customers insight into their potential new neighbourhood and inspire them to imagine living there—from cooking in their new kitchen to dining out near their new home. As an added bonus, reach out to the restaurant and get them to pick up the cost of the mailing in exchange for the free PR.

  1. Protect your customers–even after they buy. (Protect… retention)

Customers like to spend money where they feel safe. One of the best ways to remain relevant is to continue to protect your customers after they purchase with you.  If your company is a travel agency, for example, don’t let the interaction end when the airplane ticket is purchased.  Keep yourself on the top of your customers’ minds by sending them a checklist of important travel information a week before departure. Remind them about carry-on rules, health and safety concerns at their destination, or important items to pack for international travel.  This lets them know you are as invested in their vacation as they are in your business.

If you highlight a particular product in this process, contact the company that sells it and ask to send your checklist to their email list too (with a link back to your travel site).  You just might gain new business.

Relevance is a powerful tool both in growing your business and in safeguarding your standing in the marketplace. Efforts to remain relevant can boost customer loyalty, create marketing opportunities, and shorten the sales cycle—all for very little money.

How are YOU going to stay “right for them” even after the sale?

Have you worked out what the 5 P’s are yet so you can Attract and Keep Customers For Life ? You have 1 and 4.


Take care, take action and be relentless…

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